The courtyards of Paris become Oasis

LSI Lastem microclimatic stations for outdoor applications participate in the OASIS Project in Paris

This project was born from the Stratégie de Résilience of the city of Paris, adopted in September 2017, aimed at strengthening the territory’s ability to face the main climatic and social challenges of the 21st century. By the end of the century, Météo France expects an average annual temperature rise of 1 ° C to 4 ° C and 10 to 25 days of heatwave.

To address this risk, schoolyards, more than 70 hectares of mainly asphalted and waterproof surface, play an important role in the urban heat island effect. Furthermore, despite the lack of convivial, refreshed and accessible spaces in Paris, schoolyards are closed to the public on weekends. Renovated courtyards can offer more natural spaces, more greenery, better management of the environment, rainwater and water points, more fun accommodations adapted to the needs of children, quiet corners and a better distribution of spaces. Conceived as real islands of freshness in the heart of the neighborhoods, these spaces will also be able to accommodate a wider audience outside of educational time and, in particular, become “shelters” for vulnerable people during heat waves. The Oasis project is also the winner of a European call for “Urban Innovative Actions” projects which aims in particular to renovate 10 primary and high school courtyards by 2020. This European program also contributes to the spread of the new Oasis renewal method, within the community, in France and internationally.

The LSI Lastem stations used in this project are equipped for monitoring microclimatic conditions in the outdoor environment and installed in strategic points of the city to highlight the effects of urban heat island mitigation before and after interventions in schoolyards. Of particular importance is the monitoring of the radiant temperature with the globe thermometer and the air temperature.


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