A journey into geoelectrical monitoring: the interview with Luis Oliveira of LSI LASTEM

geoelectrical monitoring
LSI LASTEM is pleased to present the interview of Luis OliveiraBusiness Development Manager of LSI LASTEM for the Brazilian market. Oliveira shares his professional journey, highlighting his key role in promoting the G.Re.T.A system.

What was the career path that led you to LSI LASTEM?

My professional journey has roots in the academic path undertaken at the Federal University of Ouro Preto, where I developed a passion for geological engineering with a particular focus on applied geophysics. My dedication led me to found, together with a group of friends, the SGA (Sociedade de Geofísica Aplicada), a student association that helped to make exploratory geophysics known and used among students.

After completing my undergraduate studies and fuelled by my passion for technological development, I went on to earn a master’s degree and am currently pursuing a PhD in applied geophysics. In addition, I supervise field courses and lectures related to applied geophysicsmineral explorationhydrogeologygeotechnics and archaeology. Integrating my academic career with my passions and goals, I approached LSI LASTEM, taking on the role of Business Development Manager for the Brazilian market.

What do you do at LSI LASTEM and how do you interpret your role?

Currently, I hold the position of Business Development Manager, responsible for commercial initiatives for the revolutionary G.Re.T.A. system in the Brazilian market. I mainly deal with researching and contacting possible customers interested in the technology, explaining the functionalities and the key role of the system in the evaluation of the structural integrity of tailings dams. I help customers to outline the monitoring project in order to make the most of its potential of the system, advising them from an application point of view. My role involves a deep understanding of the product and precise identification of the target market. Furthermore, I am responsible for creating marketing material that highlights the distinctive advantages of the G.Re.T.A. system, as well as actively participating in industry events.

The G.Re.T.A. system represents a revolutionary technology for the mining sector, in which both mining companies, geotechnical consultants, and public bodies such as the National Mining Agency (ANM), Civil Protection and academic institutions are involved. For this reason, adapting strategies to the specific needs of these stakeholders is essential for the commercial success of the G.Re.T.A system.

What can you offer to customers interested in geoelectric monitoring?

Posso aiutare chi è interessato a implementare la sicurezza delle tailings dams consigliando l’adozione del sistema G.Re.T.A. per il monitoraggio geoelettrico in continuo, grazie alla mia consolidata esperienza accademica e professionale, nonché alla profonda conoscenza dei metodi geoelettrici.

G.Re.T.A. ra

I can help those interested in implementing the safety of tailings dams by recommending the adoption of the G.Re.T.A. system for continuous geoelectrical monitoring, thanks to my consolidated academic and professional experience, as well as my deep knowledge of geoelectrical methods.

G.Re.T.A. represents a technology that can significantly improve the safety and efficiency of tailings dams around the world. In this context, I try to deploy my qualities, including communication skillstechnical expertisespecialized and personalized support, as well as the ability to offer planningdata processing and technical report generation services, in order to meet the specific needs of customers.

ppresenta una tecnologia che può migliorare in modo significativo la sicurezza e l’efficienza delle tailings dams in tutto il mondo. In questo contesto, cerco di mettere in campo le mie qualità, tra cui la capacità di comunicazione, la competenza tecnica, il supporto specializzato e personalizzato, nonché la capacità di offrire servizi di pianificazioneelaborazione dati e generazione di relazioni tecniche, in modo da soddisfare le esigenze specifiche dei clienti. 

What challenges do you encounter on a daily basis?

The main challenge consists in introducing an innovative system in a traditional context where the adoption of new technologies is slow to apply, as in the case of the mining sector.

What goals are you trying to achieve?

My main objective is to introduce this technology in Brazil, aiming for widespread adoption of the system in the country’s tailings dams. The system can help ensure safety and reliability for the Brazilian mining sector.

What do you appreciate about your role?

The most rewarding part of my work at LSI LASTEM is the possibility of contributing to improving people’s safety, through the implementation of an innovative system with a high technological level. The exciting challenges of my role constantly push me to develop new skills, making my job incredibly motivating.

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